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IT TOOK A CENTURY, Women Artists and the RHA, National Gallery of Ireland. 01/07/2023 – 22/10/2023

May 08 2023








Barbara Warren RHA, Hands. Silver Gelatin Print, 37cm x 37 cm. Printed, Paris. Guillaume Geneste


It took a century to elect the first woman artist.
It took another century to elect the first woman President.
It took a century to achieve equitable representation in the membership.

This National Gallery of Ireland/Royal Hibernian Academy collaboration will showcase women’s membership of the Royal Hibernian Academy from the election in 1923 of the first woman member, Sarah Purser, to the first woman President, Abigail O’Brien, in 2018. As part of the RHA Bicentennial celebrations, the exhibition will combine an historic survey of the past 100 years together with a presentation of work by current woman members of the Academy.

While half of the artists represented in the exhibition are living, the other half span the decades from the 1920s. The exhibition will comprise works in a variety of media, and will involve an unprecedented use of Room 21, in which Irish art from the late 17th to early 19th century is usually displayed.

The constituent works will be drawn almost exclusively from the collections of the National Gallery of Ireland and the Royal Hibernian Academy. The only exceptions to this are the small number of artists not represented in either collection. Examples of the work of this small group of artists will be on loan from other public collections in Ireland.

Curators: Dr Brendan Rooney and Dara McElligott (National Gallery of Ireland); Patrick T. Murphy and Kate McBride (RHA).




193rd RHA Annual Exhibition , RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin. 22/05/2023 – 30/07/2023

May 08 2023

INISKN – What lies beneath  I
Archival Pigment Print, Bamboo Paper
37cm high  X 55 cm wide
Edition of 5. (5 Available )

INISKN – What lies beneath II
Archival Pigment Print, Bamboo Paper
37cm high  X 55 cm wide
Edition of 5.( 5 Available)
€1350 Framed

INISKN – Upright Stone
Archival Pigment Print, Bamboo Paper + pencil
Variable Edition
43cm high  X 64 cm wide
Edition of 3.( 2 Available ) + 2A/P

80th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION EXHIBITION . 11/02/23 -02/04/23, Butler Gallery , Kilkenny

Feb 16 2023


On view 6 portraits from “The Bloods”, which was the opening Exhibition of the New Butler Gallery in the former Evans Home in Kilkenny in 2020 , 58 Portraits of serving and former serving  members of the Defence Forces,  3 Infantry Battalion, James Stephens Barracks, Kilkenny.

The Butler Gallery marks its 80th Anniversary in 2023 as “The Bloods”, 3 Infantry Battalion,  the Army’s oldest unit, stationed at James Stephens Barracks, Kilkenny celebrate their 100th Anniversary.

80th Anniversary Collection. Exhibition curated by Director of the Butler Gallery, Anna O’Sullivan.


IMAGES ARE ALL WE HAVE . PhotoIreland 07/22-08/22, The Printworks, Dublin Castle

Jun 18 2022













Battalion Deputy Commanding Officer. Commandant Rose-Anna White, 2019. “The Bloods ” Archival Pigment Print. 80cm x 80cm , Courtesy of the Butler Gallery, Kilkenny.

Laundry . 65cm x 65 cm. Archival Pigment Print on Bamboo paper.  Courtesy of the UCC Art Collection, Cork.

Under the title Opening The Gates, the 13th edition of PhotoIreland Festival presents the most comprehensive overview on the History and Practice of Photography in Ireland to date, running 7th July to 28th August 2022 in various locations, with the main venue at The Printworks, Dublin Castle.

IN OUR OWN IMAGE , Politics of Place . 25/06/22-28/08/22 Gallery of Photography, Dublin.

Jun 18 2022

The Watch House. ( Teacháin a’Watch )













The Politics of Place explores one of the defining obsessions of our national life, the notion of place. For a people so often uprooted and dispossessed, the identification of Irishness with place, with home and the ownership of land, even with the state itself, carries incredible weight. In mapping these contested territories, photographers have participated in a cultural shift that has seen our understanding of place and what it means deeply challenged. Considering how our sense of place, broadly defined, has been transformed, this exhibition addresses the profound changes that have reshaped Irish society over the last four decades, from the decline of the church to the impact of globalisation, through to ongoing crises around housing, migration, and the environment.

In moving away from traditional documentary towards more socially-engaged and inclusive ways of thinking about their medium, Irish photographers have been at the cutting-edge of contemporary trends. This exhibition has been curated to emphasise the diversity of visual and conceptual languages characteristic of recent photographic practice in Ireland. It reveals how photography has helped to interrogate what Irishness is, and also to reimagine what it might look like.
Curatorial Panel:  Lead curator: Darren Campion, Trish Lambe, Brendan Maher,

Archival Pigment Print 66cm x 80 cm

192th RHA ANNUAL EXHIBITION, 2021. RHA Gallery, Dublin 2, Ireland. 23/05/22-24/07/22

May 25 2022


Sheepwire V  (Eagle)
Archival Pigment Print, Bamboo Paper  + coloured pencil
48.5cm x 38cm. Edition of 3 + 2 AP, Variable Edition.

Sheepwire IV   (Ballycroy )
Archival Pigment Print, Bamboo Paper  + coloured pencil
47.5cm x 38cm. Edition of 3 + 2 AP, Variable Edition.

INISK   – Chimney
Archival Pigment Print, Bamboo Paper
55cm x 36.5cm
Edition of 5, 4 available

INISK  – Wall
Archival Pigment Print, Bamboo Paper
55cm x 36.5cm
Edition of 5, 4 available

WHO DO WE SAY WE ARE ? Irish Art 1922-2022. Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame, IN, USA. 05/02/2022-15/05/2022

Feb 11 2022
WHO DO WE SAY WE ARE ? Irish Art  1922-2022. Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame, IN, USA. 05/02/2022-15/05/2022

Click above photograph to view work included.

The Exposition d’Art Irlandais organized in conjunction with the Irish Race Congress in Paris in 1922 used culture as a signifier of Ireland’s distinctive character worthy of the independence from the United Kingdom it had just negotiated in the Anglo-Irish Treaty. As part of the Irish government’s Decade of Centenaries commemorations, the Snite Museum partners with Notre Dame’s Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies and the O’Brien Collection in Chicago to present an exhibition examining the use of art as a nation-building tool, asking “If we were to organize a similar exhibition today, who might be included and what themes continue to resonate?”

Paintings from the O’Brien Collection by Seán Keating, Jack B. Yeats and Paul Henry are juxtaposed with contemporary artists Patrick Graham, Hughie O’Donoghue, and Diana Copperwhite, among others to explore issues of national identity rooted in the diaspora and landscape. Expanding into the realm of photography, the rural landscapes of Amelia Stein, RHA, describe epic legends and folkloric memories that reveal history and evolving culture.